ABOUT the photographer

Artist Statement

For almost a decade, my camera has been the main window through which I view the visual world. With a camera in hand, I'm constantly inspired to explore both the areas I've never visited and ones that have long been familiar to me, capturing images of those places that I explore during all hours of the day and night. I view scenes not only as trees, mountains, water, and skies, but as the colors, textures, lines, and shapes that comprise them. This perspective allows me to show the aspects of a landscape that often go unnoticed and to portray a scene in ways that may not be seen by the average viewer. An hour behind a camera often feels like just a few minutes for me. As a result, my photography is one part exploration, one part creative expression, and one part relaxation.

Artistic Philosophy

My photography is more of a creative experience than it is a documentary one. I use wide-angle lenses to emphasize objects in the foreground of a scene that may otherwise be ignored and use the compressing effects of telephoto lenses to help far away objects feel closer to the camera. Instead of letting the camera interpret the light that it collects by producing a JPEG image file, I capture photos as RAW files, which allows me to take control of the creative decision-making and fine-tune the exposure, contrast, and color of the photo. When necessary, I blend lighter and darker exposures of the same scene to overcome the technical limitations of my camera. My preference is always to choose a composition in a way that eliminates elements that distract from the focal points of the scene. However, when trying to reposition myself and my camera while out in nature, I also consider safety and what impact I may have on the landscape. If either of those concerns is too great, I'll opt for digitally removing distracting elements later. I don't add elements to a scene that weren't there. If conditions aren't ideal when I'm out shooting, I'll return to a location as many times as I have to in order to capture a photo that Iā€™m satisfied with.

Charitable Support

Every purchase of my photography and photography services goes towards supporting charitable causes. In particular, I donate 10% of my annual proceeds the Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and an additional 10% of annual proceeds to the Appalachian Mountain Club. The missions of both of these organizations are extremely important to me, and I feel fortunate to be in a position that allows me to help further each of their causes. Visit the Charitable Support page for more information.